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Estancia El Carrizal takes its name from an indigenous, very resistant plant that grows near marshes and lagoons. The intricate roots of the carrizal plant acts as a filter keeping the natural spring water clean and clear for both livestock and wild game. The abundance of water and of mineral rich natural grasses makes for outstanding antler growth: this region of La Pampa is renowned for the quality of its free range stags. El Carrizal´s unique environment and the high concentration of hinds (red deer does) attracts stags from many miles away. This results in intense and dramatic roaring during the stag´s rut: arguably the most exciting and exhilarating experience a hunter can have.

Along with red stags the ranch is stocked with a wide variety of Argentinean big game, including free range herds of Axis and fallow deer, water buffalo, European boar, blackbuck antelope and mouflon. Native species such as puma and collared peccary are also abundant in the area.

Big Game