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El Carrizal´s strategic location in the transition zone between the caldén woodlands of La Pampa and the agricultural fields and lagoons of Buenos Aires province gives us readily access to an amazing variety of game. No other region in the country has the quality mixed bag shooting that La Pampa offers.
Ducks (Season: May-August): Hunters will face a continuous stream of low-flying decoying ducks of many species, including the prized rosy-billed pochards. The guns will keep busy all morning as wave after wave of ducks hit the decoy spreads.

Doves & Pigeons (Season: year round): The eared dove is found in the agricultural fields by the millions. This is the hot-barrel action that has made Argentina dove shooting known all over the world. Also extremely abundant are the two species of wild pigeon: picazuro and spot-winged. Pigeons are some of the most challenging, deceptive and tough birds to bring down. A that is precisely what makes decoyed pigeon the preferred bird game among experienced shotgunners.

Perdiz (Season: May-August): The spotted tinamou (common or lesser perdiz) is Argentina’s main upland game. Very abundant in natural grass pastures, perdiz make great table fare and its short and explosive flight demands good shooting skills. El Carrizal is also home to large populations of crested tinamou (giant perdiz). These fast-flying birds flush in coveys and are extremely fun to shoot.

Other game: European hares and grey foxes complete the abundant variety of game available to hunters. Where else can you shoot these many species in one trip?
Blinds: Double or single blinds can be arranged. They are fully equipped with decoys, swivel seats, electronic calls and all the necessary shells to tackle the clouds of birds. Our guides and bird boys are placed near the blinds to make sure everything works out as planned.

Guns: For clients who choose to travel light, we provide high quality shotguns in .20 and .12 gauge.