Probably one of the most beautiful deer in the world, the Indian chital or spotted deer (cervus axis) was introduced in Argentina in the 1920s. Axis deer have very simple yet stunning antlers consisting of a main beam, a brow tine and one, or exceptionally two, shorter rear tines. Trophies are judged mostly on the overall length of the main beam. Axis deer have adapted successfully to Argentina and trophies in the 25-30 inches range are common.

The Hunt

Axis are herd animals and enjoy staying within the protection of the woods. This makes the hunt very challenging. As with most tropical deer you’ll find axis bucks in hard antler year round. The spring season (October and November) is also an excellent time to pick a good trophy as most males will be in rut.

Guns & Ammo

The same calibers used for red deer with lighter bullet points (130-150 grains), will work perfectly with axis (30-06, .270, .300 Win Mag, etc.).