Blackbuck antelope (antilope cervicapra) were also introduced from India in the early 1920s and rapidly became one of the most successful imports. Blackbucks are small animals weighting not more than 90 pounds with males sporting a beautiful jet black coat and straight spiraled horns. The horns normally make tree or four complete turns and can measure, on the straight not around the spiral, up to 22 inches (56 cm). Any trophy with more than 22 inches is truly exceptional.

The Hunt

Blackbucks are very abundant in all the areas we hunt but these animals do present a very small target and thus require real marksmanship from the hunter. As most antelope species blackbucks prefer the open plains. They can be hunted year-round.

Guns & Ammo

Blackbucks are small in size, have superb eyesight and can run at very high speeds. Therefore, long shots are common making accurate and flat shooting calibers a must.