Found throughout La Pampa, the puma (felis concolor) is the only native cat that can be hunted legally in Argentina. A male puma can weigh up to 200 pounds (90 kg) but average weight is around 150 pounds (68 kg). Despite the fact that pumas are very plentiful in La Pampa, they are so elusive and secretive that many hunters have never seen one in the wild.

The Hunt

We hunt pumas from a blind over bait; just like leopard are hunted in Africa. Success rate is over 90% but we do recommend a minimum of 6 days for puma. We sit at the blind a couple of hours before sunset and remain there for another two hours after dark. This leaves the rest of the day open to pursue other game and to replenish the baits.

Guns & Ammo

Pumas are not particularly tough to bring down and any deer caliber will work fine. Shot placement is crucial since a wounded puma is a very serious matter. Good optics are very important as well even though shots will be not more than 30 yds.