At El Carrizal there are a variety of sheep species: from the aristocratic mouflon (ovis musimon) to the strange looking four horn sheep. The mouflon is thought to be the ancestor for all modern domestic sheep breeds and is one of the premier game animals in Europe. Texas Dall sheep, Dorset, Scottish black face, Pampa sheep and the four horn sheep complete the list of sheep species available.

Goats were introduced by the Spaniards 200 years ago and quickly established feral populations in the Argentinean pampas. Their wide horns and colorful coats make impressive looking trophies.

The Hunt

Found both in open areas and in the calden woods these animals normally require shots between 100 to 200 yds. They can be hunted year-round and are a challenging trophy for both the beginner and the experienced hunter.

Guns & Ammo

The same calibers used for red deer with lighter bullet points (130-150 grains), will work perfectly with all goats and sheep (30-06, .270, .300 Win Mag, etc.).